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Sasha Grey On 'The View' Suggests How School Could Have Avoided Reading Scandal (VIDEO)

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Sexy pictures of Sasha Grey flashed in the background of 'The View' stage set as the adult fim star-turned actress tried to set the record straight about her elementary school scandal.

She suggested that perhaps the Compton school Emerson Elementary could have staved off any potential controversy by alerting parents about guests in the classroom -- although she thinks that schools should always alert parents about visitors, no matter how controversial (or not) they are. But she doesn't blame the Compton Unified School District for initially denying that Grey had been present at the school to read to children. "They're afraid. They're afraid of being judged," she explained. "I'm often judged, so I understand that."

She had some tough words for the media outlets that reported the news story, calling the coverage a "sanctimonious media firestorm." Grey also admitted that if parents could have had a chance to object to her visit beforehand, she wouldn't have gone to the school.

Of course, there were those in the media who defended Grey, including 'View' host Whoopi Goldberg. She highlighted the unfair stigma that adult film actors could face, whether or not they've moved on from their porn past. "You didn't kill anybody. You haven't raped any children. You haven't vomited in church," Whoopi said to audience laughter.

In a Double XX blog post from earlier this week Amanda Marcotte also observed that "our hypocritical, puritanical society" has an insatiable demand for porn, guessing that, since Grey was such a prolific performer, "the probability verges on 100 percent that one of the irate parents in this situation has orgasmed while watching Grey penetrated in various orifices."

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Sasha Grey slams 'sanctimonious media' after her school visit

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