11/16/2011 05:35 pm ET

Senator Bennet Discusses Plummeting Congressional Approval Ratings (VIDEO)

While Occupy Wall Street movements are complaining about the 1 percent, Sen. Michael Bennet voiced his dissatisfaction in Congress with a 9 percent -- that is, Congress's plummeting approval rating.

Over the last 10 years, as Congressional approval ratings have nose-dived, Bennet discussed the palpable decline in income with increases in health care and education costs.

On a map entitled, "Congress Hits Rock Bottom," the Colorado Senator blamed the low approval rating on the Legislature's "inability to address problems the way people in their local communities are doing."

There is not a mayor in Colorado who would threaten the credit rating of their community for politics. Not one....
People in our communities would know that all that would do would be to drive up our interest rates. Make us spend more money on interests and less on infrastructure. More on interests and less on education. More on interests and less on the health and welfare of our citizens. We know that at the local level, but somehow here we get to color outside the lines. And we're now at 9 percent. We're almost at the margin of error for zero.