11/16/2011 05:17 pm ET | Updated Nov 16, 2011

Sting: Apps Will Replace CDs

Just in time to promote his new (free) app, Sting is hailing the medium as the future of music distribution. We could have told you that, Sting! Here's the former frontman's full quote, as told to Billboard:

"People are going to stop buying CDs. People are going to stop selling and making them, so I am looking for different ways to get music to people, and the [app] at the moment seems to be the favorite...The app is the new model. It's very full and can also be constantly updated, so it's not a static thing. It's organic."

The Sting 25 app, available this week, is a "digital documentary" of Sting's quarter century-long solo career. It's free, Sting explained, because "we don't know how much it's worth." Ahead in Stingconomics 101: how to claim your very own free elephant nurse.

(via Music Week, CBS)