11/17/2011 06:51 pm ET | Updated Nov 18, 2011

Chicago's Best Baklava On National Baklava Day (PHOTOS)

In case we need to remind you, Nov. 17 marks National Baklava Day.

The important holiday recognizes the enigmatic dessert comprised of layers of phyllo dough intertwined with nuts and cloves and usually drizzled with a sweet syrup or honey (or sometimes, in a more modern twist, chocolate). The dish is said to have originated by the Turkic people in Central Asian nations formerly making up the Ottoman Empire, though some have traced it as far back as the 8th Century BC, when the Assyrians may have created an early version of it.

Either way, the treat marks a perfect way to segue into the holiday dessert season with a flavor that retains a bit of a salty, nutty edge.

As CNN's Eatocracy notes, creating the dish is a somewhat labor-intensive, time-consuming effort, so HuffPost Chicago reached out to our readers and combed through the deep abyss of Chicagoans' Yelp reviews to spotlight a few of the city's finest spots to get your hand on the sweet, sweet goodness known as baklava.

And if you're feeling extra inspired, we've also included a tutorial that will walk you through your own baklava-making adventure.

Did we miss your favorite hole-in-the-wall deli or well-lit "fourth date" Middle Eastern restaurant? Let us know in the comments. Otherwise, we hope you made the most of the mouth-watering day.

Celebrating National Baklava Day In Chicago!