11/17/2011 09:42 am ET

Conan Explains Justin Bieber's Paternity Scandal With Peanuts (VIDEO)

It's certainly been a busy November for pop idol Justin Bieber, but Conan O'Brien isn't going to let any of the ridiculous details be soon forgotten.

Earlier this month, Bieber was slapped with a paternity lawsuit by a 20-year-old fan who claimed to have had a fling with him in a stadium bathroom, and the suit was quietly dropped earlier this week.

But in case (for some crazy reason) you haven't been following all of the latest tween gossip, you're in luck, because 'Conan' put together an approachable re-enactment of the events to get you up to speed -- and it's starring peanuts, much in the spirit of their Herman Cain sexual harassment video and Emmys recap.

Just hit "play" and let the peanuts take care of the rest. But be warned that there's some sNSFW food sexuality, so maybe make sure your boss isn't standing behind you first.