Occupy Wall Street: Night Of Action (VIDEO)

11/17/2011 10:09 pm ET

As night fell on Foley Square in Lower Manhattan, Occupy Wall Street protesters came out in the thousands for a final rally at the end of the movement's two-month anniversary.

The atmosphere was festive -- it even drew a large number of families. Erica Brody brought her young daughter Ella to the protest.

“I think it’s important to be out here for our children, and for people to see that we care about the future and what happens to this country. ... they are the next generation”, she said.

Jessie Spector and Helen Stillman are recent college graduates, who, by their own account, come from wealthy families. They said they want to use their wealth and privilege to leverage resources for change.

“All of us have a role to play, including those of us who are connected to communities of the one percent”, Stillman explained.

As the protesters gathered to leave the square for a final march across the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge, scores of riot police stood by. A sense of enthusiasm filled the crisp night air.

Holding a small candle in his hand, union worker Lewis Torres appeared hopeful about the future of the movement, but when asked about the next step he replied, "I'm feeling good, but that's the best question -- what is going to happen next?"

Watch the video above to get a better sense for the scene at Foley Square.