11/17/2011 01:06 pm ET | Updated Nov 27, 2012

Pippa Middleton Debuts New Hair, Hot Pink Outfit (PHOTO)

Newly single Pippa Middleton isn't wasting time crying over her rumored split with Alex Loudon -- the famous sis was spotted out in London with brother James, looking chic and -- dare we say? -- sexy in a pink shirt and shorts with black tights and boots.

We're kind of glad to see that Pippa isn't wearing leggings as pants this time. But what we noticed immediately was her new hairdo. Is that a ... blowout, with waves? And a center part? And a hint of bangs? Very Gisele, Pips.

Pippa is no stranger to the blazer -- and she sometimes wears her hair in waves, too, although this is the loveliest we've seen her wavier locks look.

The fuschia is another new look for Pips; she tends to stick to black, red, browns and jewel tones. The closest we've seen her come to pink in the past was this pastel maxi dress from the summer. Turning up the heat a little, Pippa?

Check out Pippa's single gal makeover below, and also our slideshow of Pippa's hair from recent times out.