11/17/2011 05:40 pm ET

Robin Williams Wedding: Actor Talks Wedding, Honeymoon On 'Tonight Show'

What happens when a 60-year-old comedian describes his third wedding?

Lots of goofy imitations, ribald humor -- and poop jokes?

That's exactly what happened when Robin Williams stopped by the "Tonight Show" on Wednesday night to chat (and joke) with host Jay Leno about his Oct. 23 wedding to graphic designer Susan Schneider.

When asked how he's feeling post-honeymoon, Williams said: "I've got to hydrate. I've gotta get my fluids back! I'm running a little low on protein right now!" The actor recently returned from a PDA-filled honeymoon in Paris.

So what compelled the twice-divorced star to head to the altar for the third time? "Living with a comedian is like keeping a chimp for a pet," said Williams. "If you find someone who says 'I really like you,' you go, 'you like me?'... And she's gorgeous, so sweet and kind."

Despite all of his clowning, the actor did open up about the nuptials: "It was kind of lovely. It was just a lot of friends, very quiet," he said, describing his ceremony in Napa Valley, California. "Then the vows...'Do you take this woman?' 'Yes as often as possible.'"