11/17/2011 11:33 am ET

Robinho's Son Plays Soccer: AC Milan Star Kicks Ball Around With Cute Kid (VIDEO)

Although it seems extremely unlikely that Will Smith's "Just The Two Of Us" was written to score this brief video of Robinho, a forward for A.C. Milan, playing soccer with his son at his team's training complex, it might as well have been.

The Brazilian star can be seen kicking the ball back and forth with his young son, who is sporting a custom jersey reading R, Junior on the back. Although he isn't quite at the skill-level of his father yet, the young boy's attempts to emulate his dad's step-over moves is a moment that should warm the hearts of even the least ardent soccer fans.

Robinho Jr. doesn't even have full control of his balance yet, but he already has remarkable professional and international experience having kicked the ball around with his father during a Brazilian national team practice when he was only three.