VOTE! Best Thanksgiving Side Dish Bracket Challenge: Round 2

11/17/2011 08:03 am ET | Updated Nov 18, 2011

Alright folks, the round 1 competition was FIERCE. Although some side dishes didn't stand a chance -- sorry carrot salad and applesauce -- others were locked neck and neck for the majority of voting. At the very last minute, candied yams pulled through over roasted carrots but it was really anybody's game; it was a strong showing from both sides. Also, canned cranberry jelly, we thought you might make the cut, but alas, turns out we hardly knew ya! The big upset of Round 1, though was that green bean casserole, the number 2 seed, was narrowly upset by dinner rolls. We should have known that carbs always beat vegetables.

Here are the Sweet 16 official results, with the winners in bold:

Stuffing 97%, Carrot Salad 3%

Mashed Potatoes 96%, Applesauce 4%

Green Bean Casserole 49%, Dinner Rolls 51%

Fresh Cranberry Sauce 69%, Roasted Squash 31%

Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow 66%, Rice Pilaf 34%

Cornbread 73%, Corn Pudding 27%

Brussels Sprouts 55%, Canned Cranberry Jelly 45%

Candied Yams 51%, Roasted Carrots 49%

Round 2 voting is now closed. The final four will be announced Saturday morning, November 19.

Photo credits courtesy Flickr users cwisnieski, land_camera_land_camera, amsfrank, thepinkpeppercorn, Muffet. Additional photos from Kraft, Ray Kachatorian, New Media Publishing.

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