11/18/2011 01:46 pm ET | Updated Jan 18, 2012

'1600': Jon Lovett Talks White House Comedy TV Show

Aaron Sorkin's "The West Wing" was one of NBC's most prestigious and successful shows over the past two decades, following the ins and outs of the political and interpersonal drama inside the White House. Now, the network will try to repeat the magic with a comedic look at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Jon Lovett, who spent three years as a speechwriter for President Obama, recently sold NBC a pilot for "1600," which will depict a dysfunctional first family. He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the series, insisting that, first and foremost, the show won't actually be about the Obama family.

"Obviously, my experiences are going to inform what I do, but this family will have absolutely nothing to do with the president," he said. "The idea is that this is a dysfunctional family, and the first family today is so far from that, it's ridiculous."

There's a good chance it will actually will be funny, too; Lovett's roots are in comedy, not politics. He was a standup comedian before joining the Kerry campaign in 2004, which led him to then-Senator Jon Corzine's office and then a stint with Hilary Clinton, who hired him for a roast speech.

Lovett, according to the Washington Post, worked on a lot of Obama's financial reform and "Don't Ask, don't tell" repeal speeches, which resulted in some of his favorite moments while working for the president.

"Standing in the back when he [repealed] 'Don't ask, don't tell.' or traveling with the president when he was making his case for health care reform. Those were the most meaningful moments for me," he told THR. "And as for the most fun? Nothing compares to the White House Correspondants' dinner, which was about giving the President a chance to make fun of himself, the press and the ridiculous side of Washington."

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