11/18/2011 08:19 am ET | Updated Jan 18, 2012

Bill O'Reilly Attacks Ellen Barkin, Joy Behar (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly attacked Joy Behar and actress Ellen Barkin on his Thursday show, accusing them of promoting lies about him on Behar's HLN show.

Barkin has been in the news lately for criticizing Fox News. During a recent appearance on Behar's show, she raised the issue again.

"I'm very flattered that I'm now on Bill O'Reilly's radar," she said. "Oh he called you a pinhead?" Behar asked. "Did he?" Barkin said. "I thought he called me a washed-up has-been, d-list celebrity, bitch, rich, whatever, you know, dumb."

O'Reilly took issue with this, calling it a "flat-out lie" and stressing that "I have never mentioned Ms. Barkin on this broadcast -- ever! -- and I would never call her names." He added, "we know Ms. Behar. We know what she does," and said that he has asked Behar, Barkin and HLN for written apologies.

Though O'Reilly has seemingly never mentioned Barkin on air, he has gone after her in the "Daily Briefing" he sends to his followers. In a November 8 newsletter, he mentioned Barkin's criticisms and included a picture of the actress. He then wrote, "In other news: Ellen Barkin is still alive! Ellen Barkin is still alive! There can now be a Johnny Handsome II!"

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