11/18/2011 08:05 am ET

Dave Bing Won't Seek State Review Of Detroit Finances

Mayor Dave Bing's administration will not ask the governor for a review of the city's precarious finances even as signs show the troubled city moving toward an eventual state takeover.

Kirk Lewis, the mayor's chief of staff, said Thursday that the mayor won't invite the state review, a move seen as the first step toward the appointment of an emergency manager. Bing on Wednesday outlined a plan for cutbacks and concessions he says can save the city from insolvency.

"We're not interested in asking for a review," Lewis said. "We have a plan that the mayor laid out last night, and our focus now is on executing that plan. We really want to have the control in our hands. And we see that plan as a vehicle for that."

Gov. Rick Snyder, in response to Bing's speech, issued a statement Wednesday night saying he expected Bing to seek a state financial review given the depth of the city's predicament. Snyder did not offer additional comment Thursday.

The city already falls under at least one trigger for a state takeover under Michigan's tough new emergency manager law because it has not had a state-mandated deficit-elimination plan approved. It also faces the prospect of failing to make payroll and lacking funds to pay vendors, other criteria that could pave the way for state intervention.

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