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First Date Ideas For Post50 Singles

Posted: 11/18/11 09:07 AM ET

First dates are destined to deliver awkward silences, miscalculated hand-placement, and green vegetable remnants between your teeth.

While Post50 singles have undoubtedly matured past traditional first date traumas that once haunted follow-up phone calls or lack thereof, nerves seem to be a staple, especially if the term "first date" has gathered dust in your lexicon.

With recent statistics showing both the growing rates of single Post50s and those utilizing the online dating scene, we want you to be prepared with ideas in your arsenal beyond the typical "dinner and movie", to give you enough time to worry about other things (what are you going to wear?).

When you're not out meeting other singles, check out some of the top first date ideas for Post50s. In terms of opening lines, you're on your own for now.

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  • Spice It Up

    Rather than opting for the expected dinner out, try staying in and cooking your own meal together. First time meeting your date? Check out local cooking classes in your area rather than opening up your home to a stranger.

  • Root For The Home Team

    A shared interest is always a good place to start. Sporting events, such as a baseball game, deliver a more relaxed environment that allows you to talk without the risk of disturbing others or mis-gauging your "inside voice". The 3-hour-or-so time frame of most baseball games give you the option to leave early--or stay longer--depending on how the date goes.

  • Pack A Picnic Basket

    An increasingly popular option, this date has all the makings of grabbing a bite to eat while simultaneously enjoying the outdoors. Branch out from the park and consider other scenic locations such as the beach or nearby a lake. Divvy up menu items or make a quick stop to the grocery store to shop together before picnicking.

  • Map The Stars

    This is a lovely night-date alternative to a movie, which often leads to a lack of conversation and uncomfortable shuffling in the seats. Instead, head to your local observatory, or drive 15-20 minutes out of town to avoid light pollution. Pack hot beverages and a blanket, and you're good to go.

  • Sip On Shiraz

    Wine tastings and wineries allow for a setting that is informal yet informative (and stocked with liquid courage). Such dates could also easily be turned into a group activity for those who would feel more comfortable with an outing involving more than just a plus one.

  • Listen Live

    Checking out a genre of music you both enjoy has endless posibilites, from sold-out stadiums to smaller venues, to outdoor concerts and local shows in the park. Plus if the date isn't a hit, at least you got see that band while they were in town.

  • Analyze Art

    Look up new exhibits or gallery openings in your area. Discussing various pieces will stomp out awkward silences, while hearing your date's perspectives and opinions will offer starting points for deeper conversation.


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