11/18/2011 01:19 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Hilary Swank's New York Apartment In Elle Decor (PHOTOS)

Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank keeps a relatively low profile in Hollywood, so we're not surprised to see that her New York apartment, which is featured in the latest issue of Elle Decor, is all about serenity and comfort. So it's no wonder that the coziness of her dwelling ranks higher than the square-footage of the space for Hilary. "I feel comforted in smaller spaces," Hilary tells the magazine. "They're more nurturing." And looking at the clean-lined furnishings and the soothing color palette in the home, we can definitely see how the apartment helps Hilary relax. Our favorite part of the apartment? Hilary's (very) eclectic collection of artifacts ranging from a series of hand-forged scissors (strangely intriguing) to African headrests (also oddly interesting).

Take a sneak peek inside Hilary's apartment below, and see tell us how it compares to the homes of Hollywood actresses Keri Russell, Ellen Pompeo and Meg Ryan.

All photos courtesy of Elle Decor.