11/18/2011 09:50 am ET

Fallon's Latest 'Do Not Read' List Is Going To Save You Some Time (VIDEO)

It's been a few months since Jimmy Fallon last shared a list of terrible-sounding books with us on his "Do Not Read" list, so we were quite excited to see that he brought the segment back on Thursday night.

For those not familiar, Fallon scours the Internet for the most horrible examples of literature he can find -- from the inappropriate to the unabashedly boring -- and then brings them all together to warn us about their existence. It's sort of like an anti-book club designed to save everyone some time and energy.

Our vote for the winner this go around was a children's book called "Focus On Cocaine and Crack," just for sheer ridiculousness.

Watch the video above and then let us know what your favorite title was in the comments below.