11/18/2011 07:28 am ET

Occupy Wall Street 'Star Wars': Police With Lightsabers (VIDEO)

During Thursday's National Day of Action, protestors marked the two month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement with rallies nationwide, including a massive march in New York City. Hundreds were arrested in the movement's birth place, further heightening tension that exploded when police raided the Zuccotti Park encampment early Wednesday morning.

Both on Thursday and other occasions over the past two months, clashes with police have seen officers pull out and utilize mace and batons to break up rallies and sometimes injure activists. Between the violence and the movement's stated mission of working for the 99% vs. the rich 1%, historical and big screen allegory opportunities are rich: any little guy vs. big guy story will do.

One internet user decided to go right for the celebrated and clear cut revolutionary story of the past 50 years: "Star Wars." And guess which side was portrayed as the evil Empire?