11/18/2011 02:12 pm ET

Rahm Emanuel On 'Rock Center': 'Not Going To' Run For President, Ever (VIDEO)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been dogged by questions about his presidential ambitions since he announced his run for mayor more than a year ago. The questions came up once again in an interview scheduled to air Monday on NBC's "Rock Center with Brian Williams" -- and Emanuel's answer is the same.

“Not interested. Not going to do it. No. I’ll do it in Hebrew, Lo,” Emanuel told "Rock Center"’s Harry Smith after being asked if he wanted to become America’s first Jewish president.

Smith pressed Emanuel on the issue, saying that it would come back to haunt him if he did decide to run.

"What part of it is [it] that I’m not getting across? Here, give me a piece of paper, I’ll sign it,” Emanuel said.

The interview will air after Emanuel scored a major victory in City Hall this week, when all 50 aldermen agreed to pass his 2012 budget. NBC reports that Emanuel will discuss the city's economic woes in the interview, and also discuss his battle with the Chicago Teachers Union and crime.

Emanuel also told Smith about the city's deeper challenges that will be much more difficult to address: children growing up with "emptiness in their eyes" in some parts of the city.

“Reaching a child who has the flicker of life snuffed out? That’s daunting. These other things, we can handle,” Emanuel said. "That to me is what gives you pause…and I think I can say this since it’s not one of my strong suits, that’s what humbles you.”

WATCH a clip from Emanuel's "Rock Center" interview here. The full interview airs on NBC Monday, Nov. 21 at 9 p.m. CT.

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