11/18/2011 07:54 am ET

Regis Philbin's Last Show On 'Live!': 15 Amazing Moments From His Career (VIDEO)

On Friday, Regis Philbin will celebrate his last day hosting "Live!" after spending over fifty years in show business.

The venerable host said he's not retiring, but saying good-bye after nearly three decades isn't easy. Over the course of his long career, Philbin has won viewers over just being himself, telling stories about everyday life and wielding his sharp humor.

He worked his way up from his first gig as a page at "The Tonight Show," made it onto the national stage as Joey Bishop's sidekick, and found his sweet spot on "Live!" In between, he made a workout video, released a few albums, appeared on "Seinfeld," hosted "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and logged a record-setting 16,700 hours on television.

In the past few weeks, he's spent some time reflecting on it all -- and boy, is there a lot to think about.

We scoured the entire Internet (OK: maybe just YouTube) to find some of the most randomly amazing moments from Philbin's incredibly varied career. Whether he's being inappropriate with Nicki Minaj, chatting with Johnny Carson, or advertising crackers, Regis has always filled us with joy. Below, see 15 examples of just how great he is.