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Animal Photos Of The Week

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This past week saw a good number of feel-good animal videos.

It's hard to have a bad day after you've seen this video of Labrador puppies running in slow motion. But these puppies aren't the only ones acting ridiculously cute.

Check out this video of adorable owls which enjoy being petted.

In good animal news of the week, Daniel, the dog from Alabama that defied the odds and survived a pound's gas chamber, has found a permanent home in New Jersey.

Sadly, an orphaned baby manatee that was rescued in Florida died this week. The four to six month old calf's death puzzled officials who thought it was in stable condition.

A Native American medicine man in New Mexico plead guilty this week to "unlawful taking of a bald eagle and the unlawful possession of a bald eagle." Martin Aguilar, 47, reportedly faces prison time and steep fines for killing two of the protected birds in early 2010.

A hunter in Indiana died this week after getting in a scuffle with a deer he shot. Paul Smith died from internal injuries after the deer reportedly kicked him.

Check out some of the best animals photos of the week, and vote for your favorites:


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