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NY Inmate's Love Letters Prompt Powder Scare

Love Letters Prompt Powder Scare

11/19/11 12:51 PM ET   AP

WATERTOWN, N.Y. -- Two inmates who tried to sweeten their love letters, quite literally, by adding a sprinkling of sugar to the envelopes accidentally touched off a hazardous-materials scare at a prison in upstate New York.

In one case it turned out to be sugar. The other was lemonade mix.

The Department of Corrections says one inmate, Jafar Torkpour of Broome County, had added sugar to a note telling a woman he was still "sweet" for her. Another inmate, Desmond McNeil of Queens, did the same thing, telling a woman his love for her was "sweet enough."

Authorities say both men could be disciplined.



Filed by David Moye  |