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Rahm Emanuel: Mitt Romney 'Turns A Blind Eye' To The Middle Class

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had some harsh words for Mitt Romney Sunday, saying the Republican presidential candidate "turns a blind eye" to the middle class.

The former White House chief of staff said on ABC's "This Week," that Romney has "revealed himself" as someone who doesn't take the values of all voters into account.

"I believe as the campaign continues, more and more people will see who he's willing to stand for," Emanuel said.

It wasn't the first time Emanuel has criticized Romney in recent days. On Saturday, Emanuel made fun of Romney's flip-flops while addressing a group of Democrats In Iowa.

"Mitt Romney says he's a man of steadiness and consistency," Emanuel said at a dinner in Des Moines. "If that's true, then I'm a linebacker for the Chicago Bears."

Emanuel also promoted Obama's handling of the economy and chastised the entire GOP field for touting old ideas on the campaign trail.

"Regardless of the personalities, all of them are espousing the same policies that have been tried before and led to the present economic situation that the president inherited in 2009," Emanuel said. "Not one of them have had a new idea that's different than was tried."

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