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'Great Expectations' Gets A Makeover: David Nicholls To Make Thriller, Change Classic Ending

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While Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" has become a sacred piece of literature, for its 200th anniversary, it looks like it will be getting a bit of a makeover.

In an upcoming film adaptation, the film will take a thriller-approach to the story, according to UK's The Telegraph. The 2012 production stars "Harry Potter" vets Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes, so giving the work a scarier edge shouldn't be that challenging.

But there's more. Screenwriter, David Nicholls, whose recent book-to-screen adaptation was a bit of a flop, is also changing the classic's ending!

But hold onto your bonnets -- the erudite Telegraph reminds us that Dickens himself wrote different endings for the masterpiece.

Nicholls spoke to his own creative license: "Dickens came up with two endings - one which is incredibly bleak and one which is unrealistically romantic and sentimental. Neither are quite satisfactory and we've come up with an ending that isn't in the book - and is somewhere in between. It draws on events in the book but takes them in a slightly different direction, but is in no way sacrilegious."

How many "Great Expectations" jokes can we make about that?

For more, click over to The Telegraph.

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