Adam Eidinger Would Like His Chinese Hemp Underwear Back

11/21/2011 06:27 pm ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

WASHINGTON -- Adam Eidinger, co-owner of the hemp stores recently raided by the Metropolitan Police Department, would like his Chinese underwear back.

During a recent feature story by WTOP's Neal Augenstein, the Capitol Hemp co-owner spoke about the benefits of hemp underwear designed for the Chinese military:

"The Chinese believe industrial hemp is anti-microbial, which means you can wear underwear longer without washing it," Eidinger says.

"It's a natural fiber. It's softer, it's more comfortable, and you know a happy soldier is a more effective soldier," he says.

Augenstein tested out a pair of the hemp briefs. In the video of his test, Augestein says that the underpants are slightly more skimpy than he'd like.

But perhaps he's learned to live with the skimpiness. On Monday Eidinger put out another tweet, asking for the undies back.

Discuss the pros and cons of Chinese military underpants with Eidinger in person when Capitol Hemp's Chinatown location (519 H St. NW) reopens on Friday.