11/21/2011 06:40 pm ET

Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator, Defends Obama And Environmental Regulations (VIDEO)

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is frustrated with how the environment is becoming an issue "that is more and more partisan."

Speaking with energyNOW!'s Thalia Assuras, Jackson explained that with both a history of environmental non-partisanship and polls showing that Americans support environmental regulations, she hopes the country can embrace clean air and water in a way that spurs the economy and job growth.

She also discussed recent Republican attacks on EPA regulations, a trend she has dubbed "too dirty to fail." She said "no credible economist" believes the current financial crisis or "anything we're seeing right now" is the result of environmental regulations.

Jackson argued that criticisms of environmental regulations that aren't fact-based constitute an "attack on our fundamental environmental laws." She also took issue with individuals who are reticent to promote "cleaner forms of [energy] production and ... pollution control technologies."

When asked about Obama's decision to delay implementing stricter ozone pollution standards, she said she respects the president's decision and emphasized that there are other pressing issues to address.

Although Jackson doesn't cite any specific examples, attacks on environmental regulations continue. Earlier this month, Representative Duncan Hunter, a Republican from suburban San Diego, told a small-business seminar that environmental regulations are so strict that "people were fined, hundreds of companies -- $5,000 a day for spilled milk." Yet the congressman's own Washington office, the EPA and even a dairy lobby spokeswoman have said there is no evidence of anyone ever being fined for spilled milk.

Last month, Jackson appeared on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," saying "There is no choice between a clean environment and a healthy economy."

Jackson's comments come from an interview conducted by the television show energyNOW!, offered exclusively to The Huffington Post.