11/21/2011 09:49 am ET

BLT Steak's New '1%' Burger Comes With Foie Gras, Gold Leaf (PHOTOS)

WASHINGTON -- BLT Steak's new politically-charged burger menu isn't shying away from hot topics. The menu, which rotates on a daily basis, includes burgers inspired by politicians from both sides of the aisle, as well as the recent Occupy movement.

Two burgers are especially noteworthy: "The 99%" and "The 1%." The former is a modest burger that incorporates Wonder bread and American cheese, costing diners a modest $9.99. The latter, however, is an exercise in extravagance with Kobe beef, braised Kobe short ribs, foie gras, gold leaf, and the condiment often associated with the elite, Grey Poupon. The whole thing clocks in at a shocking $58.

Click through the below slideshow for burgers like the "Birth Certificate," "Newt's Pork Barrel," and the "Juicy Bachmann."