11/22/2011 01:10 pm ET

Al Sharpton, President Obama Joke About Thanksgiving Diet

On Monday, Al Sharpton interviewed President Obama about the super committee's failure to reach a deal. But during the interview, the MSNBC host also wanted to make a promise to First Lady Michelle Obama.

Sharpton told the president to "let the First Lady know I will not go off my diet on Thanksgiving Day." Sharpton has been dieting for the past few years, and doesn't eat meat. One of Michelle Obama's biggest initiatives has been targeting childhood obesity.

But the president said that even Michelle would cut Sharpton some slack this Thursday. He responded, "Well, you know what, she probably advises that you do just for Thanksgiving." Laughing, he explained, "Because, you know, if you repress yourself too much, then you end up going on a binge at some point. So go ahead and let loose a little bit on Thanksgiving Day."

"All right," Sharpton agreed. "I'll blame it on you."