11/22/2011 08:11 am ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

Best Thanksgiving Side Dish Bracket Challenge Championship Round: STUFFING Vs MASHED POTATOES

The final two side dishes may come as no surprise to those following our Thanksgiving side dish bracket challenge, but it doesn't mean they got here without a fight. In the final four, dinner rolls (13%) didn't put up much of a fight against stuffing (87%), but we were surprised they got that far in the first place. Fresh cranberry sauce (35%) tried to give mashed potatoes (65%) a run for their money but let's be honest here, fruit ain't never gonna be as good as butter and starch. Now, the real battle begins, stuffing versus mashed potatoes. This is the last chance to figure out which Thanksgiving side dish will reign supreme -- let's make it count, people!

Voting is now closed. Check soon back for the winner!