11/22/2011 06:57 pm ET Updated Nov 25, 2011

Black Friday Denver: Buy Local Week Presents Unique Offers For Black Friday & Bruised Saturday Shoppers (PHOTOS)

Before putting on your shoulder pads and Tebowing in advance of Black Friday, we have great news: you can avoid most of the long lines and NFL-worthy jostling by celebrating Colorado's 5th annual Buy Local Week.

Buying local helps circulate much needed financial boosts within the state, it's organic, and it helps small business owners.

From the Buy Local website:

Last year Coloradoans spent $12.7 billion during the holidays, which represents a huge chunk of money for retailers. And since money spent at locally owned businesses recirculates at least three times more in our community, where you spend your money really does matter.

A shift of just 10% of your purchases toward local retailers could translate to a $3 billion dollar boost to our state's economy in just two months. This means more people are getting a paycheck, paying their rent, and getting what they need from other local businesses.

Now enough about the greater good, here's what's in store for you:

Denver's Local Business Friday And Saturday Deals
Denver's Local Business Friday And Saturday Deals