GQ Names Kristen Wiig 'Bro' Of The Year, Posts Half Naked Photo

11/22/2011 02:26 pm ET

It seems every now and again, GQ tries to act like they give a shit about comedy. In July, a half-naked Mila Kunis adorned the cover of their fourth annual comedy issue. It was a progressive step, I guess, because men usually end up on the comedy issue’s cover (think Zach Galifianakis, Seth Rogen, Tracy Morgan and Paul Rudd). And although Kunis has some quality comedy bona fides through her work on Family Guy and That ’70s Show, credibility isn’t the first thing I think about when I see her half-naked, sipping on a long green straw with that ready-to-fuck look in her eyes. Laughs all around?


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