11/22/2011 09:42 pm ET

Herman Cain Answers Questions On Profiling, Calls For 'Targeted Identification' (VIDEO)

During Tuesday night's Republican presidential debate, former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain called for "targeted identification" in responding to a question on his stance on profiling as it relates to screening by the Transportation Security Administration.

"If you take a look at the people who have tried to kill us it would be easy to identify what that profile looks like," Cain explained. HuffPost's Andrea Stone reports:

But when moderator Wolf Blitzer suggested that focusing on one sort of person would be like singling out Christians or Jews, Cain rejected the premise as "simplifying."

Rep. Ron Paul, as is is wont in these debates, differed from his rivals. After [former U.S. Sen. Rick] Santorum noted that Muslims would be "your best candidates" for extra screening, the Texas congressman said, "What if they look like Timothy McVeigh," referring to the white Christian ex-soldier convicted in 1995's Oklahoma City bombing.

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