11/22/2011 08:00 am ET

Kate Moss' Fur Jacket: Love It Or Leave It? (PHOTOS, POLL)

We're beginning to think Kate's got a new signature style.

We'd always thought of the model in those flimsy white tanks, harkening back to her waif days, or in those iconic Hunter wellies she made famous back at Glastonbury.

But these days, Miss Moss is all about the fur. A few weeks back she caught our eye wearing a black, hairy jacket to a George Michael concert.

And last night she hid underneath a majorly furry hood as she made her way to The Hoping Variety Show benefit.

Of course she's not the only one sporting the furry trend: plenty of celebs have gone fluffy, even at last night's Hoping Variety Show. Moss posed with party planner Fran Cutler, wearing a oversized brown (faux?) fur jacket, as well as Fiona Young, Kate's longtime personal assistant, wearing a jacket with hairy black sleeves.

So does being a Friend of Kate mean hopping on the (fake) fur train? Check out last night's party pics below.