11/22/2011 07:02 pm ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

Michelle Parker Missing: Mom Says Daughter Was 'Humiliated' By 'People's Court' Appearance

An Orlando woman who went missing after appearing on "The People's Court" to settle a dispute with her ex-fiance was "humiliated" during the episode, her mother told ABC News.

The relationship between Michelle Parker, 33, and Dale Smith was so rocky that the mother of three sought a restraining order against him in 2009, ABC reports.

A judge turned down her request, due to a lack of evidence. But their sniping was on full view during the show's taping -- which aired Nov. 17, the last day Parker was seen.

The estranged lovers' appearance on "The People's Court" was arranged to settle an argument over the $5,000 engagement ring from Smith that Parker allegedly threw from a hotel balcony.

The couple aired their dirty laundry in front of the cameras with Parker accusing Smith of sleeping around and the pair bickering about visitation rights for their twins, now three years old.

The experience embarrassed Parker who said she didn't want to watch the episode, according to her mother Yvonne Stewart.

Orlando police have said that Smith and Parker have a violent background, according to TV station WKMG, but cops say Smith has cooperated and is not a suspect.

Parker was seen last Thursday and her abandoned Hummer was discovered the following day.

Her mom believes someone kidnapped her daughter.

"I know for a fact right now she is not dead. i know that," Stewart said to WESH. "Somebody has her...We forgive you. Turn her loose. Don't let this get any worse than it is for you."

Smith is taking care of their twins. The father of Parker's 11-year-old is caring for that child, The Orlando Sentinel says.