11/22/2011 12:25 pm ET

Police Respond To 12-Year-Olds Kissing At School (VIDEO)

At first, it seems like a cute story about playground crushes and first kisses, only instead of skipping off into the sunset, the cops were called, Fox News & Commentary reports.

Two female students at Orange River Elementary School in Florida were arguing over who liked a 12-year-old boy more, according to Fox. When one of the girls decided to take matters into her own hands by walking over and kissing the boy, an assistant principal called the police.

"They called us and said they caught two children kissing on the playground," Sgt. Stephanie Eller told Fox. "The reality is it was probably something innocent between two kids on the playground."

Fort Meyers' WFTV reported that school officials reported the incident as a possible "sex crime," and the Department of Children and Families was also called.

Lee County Public Schools spokesman Joe Donzelli defended the school employee's actions, saying that when there is "suspicion to the level of concern, school employees are required to call DCF," according to a report by the Scripps Howard News Service.

So far the investigation hasn't identified anyone as an "unwilling" participant, but some parents are calling the school's actions into question.

"Whatever happened to common sense," one parent wrote to the local newspaper, according to Fox.

"A kiss between 12-year-olds, I would say, is relatively harmless,” said another, according to the report.