Chris Daughtry: 'Idol' Has Gone Soft

11/23/2011 02:02 pm ET

It's been five years since Chris Daughtry took fourth place on "American Idol" and was catapulted to stardom on the rock scene.

He's been pretty busy since then, becoming the third-highest selling former "Idol" contestant and releasing three albums with his band, simply named "Daughtry," including this week's "Break This Spell."

But amidst all the madness, Chris Daughtry has managed to keep up with the franchise that made him a star. He told The Huffington Post he thinks the show has lost some of its edge.

"I think last season everyone was being a little too fluffy with their comments," Daughtry said yesterday while kicking off Duracell's Holiday Insurance program. "I really felt like they were too nice overall. Criticism is a welcome thing and I think it was necessary for me to grow. Sometimes you have got to get to the truth."

So far, the "truth" surrounding Daughtry's new album has been pretty stellar. Several reviewers have compared the band to Bon Jovi, who Daughtry covered during his "Idol" days. A handful have even boldly said that the new album is better than Bon Jovi.

"I can't comment on that," the singer said. "I respect those guys in so many ways. They have been doing this for 26 years and selling out stadiums and we're not. I am flattered though."

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