11/23/2011 12:32 pm ET

Guy Fieri Loses A Sandwich-Making Contest On 'Phineas And Ferb' (VIDEO)

This Friday, Guy Fieri makes a guest appearance on popular kids show Phineas And Ferb. In the clip below, Fieri discusses how exactly to pronounce his last name, and he explains that he always does the dishes.

When asked what kids should do if they want to be a chef, Fieri says that its important to try all kinds of foods. "You're not going to be a chef by eating fried chicken and french fries all the time," he explains. He does, however, approve of ketchup on watermelon, apparently.

Fieri is no match against Phineas and Ferb when it comes to the Lip Smacker Sandwich Stacker contest, a timed contest to build the biggest sandwich possible. His entry fails miserably in terms of both height and ingredients.