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Sh*t My Kids Ruined: Thanksgiving 2011 Edition

First Posted: 11/23/11 01:21 PM ET Updated: 11/23/11 03:13 PM ET

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but when the fancy dishes come out and pies are cooling on the counter, one thing is certain... Kids will be ruining all kinds of festive (er) stuff.

And, as the world wonders whether two children under the age of four can really trash an entire house with flour, the proof may be on Julie Haas Brophy's amazing ode to kid destruction: Sh*t My Kids Ruined. For those who haven't seen her website-turned-book, it's the ultimate comic relief for frustrated parents, and a healthy dose of birth control for anyone who doesn't have children in the house.

Below, Julie has given us a little reminder of how messy the holidays can get. Before you head out to give thanks, consider yourself warned. We hope you laugh a little too.

Sh*t My Kids Ruined is on Facebook and available in book form from Amazon.

PHOTOS: The Kids Ruined...
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  • My Pumpkin Pie

    Who stole the pumpkin from the pumpkin pie? Lucy stole the pumpkin from the pumpkin pie. Who me? Yes you. Not me, couldn't be. uh... yeah... right Submitted by: Dave

  • My Turkey

    I think this one probably qualifies as shit my kid enhanced, not ruined. Submitted by: SMKR

  • My Wine Glasses

    Uh, Cheers?

  • My Oven

    Always be sure to let everyone know if your son is playing with plastic bowls on, near or in the oven! We went to heat up the oven for dinner and were shocked when smoke filled the entire house. And what a refreshing smell...I love the smell of burnt plastic bowls in the morning. Submitted by: Ted

  • My Wood Floor

    Spicy Floor Recipe: Just pour out and mix together... 7 oz cinnamon, 7 oz baking powder, 4 oz black pepper, 2 oz garam masala, 1 oz cumin, 1 oz nutmeg, 1 oz cream of tartar, 1 oz coriander, 2 oz chili powder, dash of white pepper. Now, I would have probably mixed it in a bowl, instead of on the floor, but I digress... Submitted by: Steve

  • My Make-Up

    Thanks for messing with my stuff Ruby. This is only one of a few you have ruined... I still love you more then anything though, I'm not even mad anymore. Submitted by: Frankensteinsbride

  • My Lamp

    I was away for just minutes! Submitted by: Ashley

  • My Kitchen

    I knew he was quiet for too long. Apparently I didn't shut the door all the way and he wanted to help me bake. Somewhere under all that flour is a 4ft long firetruck puzzle -- that tub was full of flour. Submitted by: Laura

  • My Christmas Photo

    My son Rem did a great job of punishing Santa this year. Submitted by: Eric C


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