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School Dress Codes: Proposed Changes At California High School Lead To Debate

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A California high school has proposed a controversial new dress code which, if approved, would prohibit students from sporting "distracting" hair (such as mohawks), facial piercings, and ripped clothing in class and on campus.

Many of the students of Tulare Joint Union High School -- where the proposed dress code may soon go into effect -- are up in arms over the proposal, arguing that these restrictions would prohibit students too much from expressing their individuality. Junior Jeremiah Calles says: "There's no way I am conforming to this at all... If I am here, I am still wearing my piercings."

What do you think -- is the proposed dress code too harsh, or should students save the wild hair and piercings for when school's out? Sound off in the comments.

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Should School Dress Codes Extend To Hairstyles And Piercings?

Yes. Mohawks and heavy facial piercings are distracting -- save it for after school.

No way -- self-presentation is an important means of expressing individuality. Bold hairstyles and piercings aren't distracting the way that revealing clothing is.

Don't know, don't care.