11/23/2011 03:10 pm ET | Updated Nov 23, 2011

Toddlers' Flour Disaster Video Draws Skeptics, But Parents Say Mess Was Real (VIDEO)

Parents of the two toddlers featured in the recent flour disaster video appeared on NBC's "Today" Wednesday morning to defend the video's authenticity. Many had called the video a hoax due to the calm reaction the boys' mother had upon seeing the extraordinary mess, but the parents maintained the incident was in no way staged.

"I left the child safety lock off of that cabinet door and went to the bathroom too long -- it's my fault for that -- but they did the work themselves," mother Mary Napoli told Matt Lauer.

Not all were skeptical, though. One HuffPost commenter defended the video, saying, "When something like this happens, you flip, then laugh, then clean."

But Mary admits her initial reaction wasn't entirely composed.

"I probably dropped a couple of words that I maybe shouldn't have," she told Lauer. "Then I grabbed my camera -- it had flour on it because it was in the living room -- and cleaned it off, and went back to the bathroom, took a deep breath, and started recording."

As Mary and her husband, Vince, recounted the incident, their two boys, Zachary and Andrew, rested calmly on their parents' laps, seemingly unaware their playful mess had become a viral video sensation.

For the full interview, head to the NBC website or watch the video above.