Celebs Wearing Sweatpants Look Ready To Hit The Thanksgiving Table (PHOTOS)

11/24/2011 07:21 am ET

On Thanksgiving, we always break out our bandage dresses and Louboutins to belly up to the dinner table.

Kidding! Everyone knows that for a huge turkey dinner spread, comfort is key. Jeans, pencil skirts, skinny pants: all of these have waistbands, which can be pretty painful if you're nursing a post-feast "food baby."

These celebs have got it right in their elastic waistband and drawstring pants. From Julia Roberts and Elle Macpherson to Gwen Stefani and SJP, it seems the stars haven't been afraid to venture out in sweats over the years. Perhaps they're doing the same today -- or if not, at least they're giving us a little inspiration for choosing our own Turkey Day ensembles.

Check out our slideshow of celebs wearing their sweats in public below. Happy Thanksgiving!


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