Milan Lucic, Paul Gaustad Fight: Buffalo Sabres Center Fights Over Hit On Ryan Miller (VIDEO)

11/24/2011 05:28 pm ET

Last week, the biggest controversy of the young NHL season was sparked by a hit that Milan Lucic of the Bruins laid on Sabres goalie Ryan Miller when he strayed away from his net.

While some felt the hit was dirty, others felt that Miller was fair game for being so far out from the crease.

Regardless of one's take of the incident, it was the Sabres lack of response to it that center Paul Gaustad felt was "embarrassing."

On Wednesday night, Guastad took it upon himself to make up for this lack of response by dropping gloves against Lucic in the teams' first meeting since the hit.

Gaustad's effort in the fight was admirable, but an objective viewing of the tape has to give the nod to Lucic for sheer amount of punches landed.

The game between the two teams was scrappy to say the least, with the Sabres unable to secure the most meaningful revenge -- Buffalo would lose 4-3 in penalty shootouts.

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