Ski Off The Roof Of This Mountain Lodge (PHOTOS)

11/25/2011 01:21 am ET | Updated Nov 26, 2011

For years, the world has missed out on countless opportunities for skiing enjoyment because, let's be honest, ski-lifts are really scary! Thank goodness visionary Norwegian architects Fantastic Norway have designed a mountain lodge with roof that functions as a ski slope. This is leisure at its most indulgent—not to mention that the hallucinatory vision of the lodge rising out of endless heaps of white snow is truly breathtaking.

The cabin will be located in a private retreat that can only be reached by ski. The building adheres to the local authorities' dimensions for a 'classic mountain lodge appearance,' yet through experimenting with the regulations it became an element of the landscape itself. The building becomes an abstraction of the mountainous hideaway where it is tucked away. Take a look at the mesmerizing project and the plans which construct it below:

Fantastic Norway