11/24/2011 12:23 pm ET | Updated Nov 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Wedding: Barbara Orr Ehrhart's Turkey Feather Dress (PHOTOS)

When it comes to Thanksgiving, some people pride themselves on their stuffing, while others line-up early for Black Friday deals.

And some take the turkey-centric holiday even further. Take, for instance, Barbara Orr Ehrhart: the bride who celebrated her passion for the day's main dish at her wedding -- and we're not just talking about the menu.

From a wedding gown made entirely of turkey feathers, and feathers (in lieu of rice) thrown at the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony, Orr Erhhart let none of the bird go to waste on her Big Day.

Below, a slideshow of the kooky, turkey-filled festivities from the archives of LIFE magazine.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dress