Erwin Olaf's Razor Sharp Photo Fantasies (PHOTOS)

12/01/2011 03:02 am ET | Updated Dec 01, 2011

A boyscout eating an ice cream cone. A languid starlet strewn on a bed, her lipstick perfectly matching her sheets. Yves Saint Laurent in fencing gear. In the world as seen Erwin Olaf's razor-sharp eyes, the surreal is as fantastical as the banal. Every glance, every shadow, every dark lurking thought is dramatized.

Olaf delivers a poisonous kiss to the bourgeois conventions he captures, conveying at once their beauty and their danger. His photographs are the estranged kin of advertisements; they pump up the glamour of what they portray but some invisible 'other' lurks behind the captivating aesthetic.

This first solo exhibition in Japan by Erwin Olaf will feature photography and video made in the past 7 years. The exhibition is showing at Art Statements in Tokyo.

Erwin Olaf