iPhone Apps: 10 That Will Help You Survive The Holidays

11/25/2011 02:41 pm ET

Thanksgiving is over. The snowy holidays are somehow here. You haven't started shopping. You have a 12-hour car ride ahead of you to visit your cousins and you're stuck in the middle seat between your snoring grandmother and crying younger sibling.

Can the below slideshow of 10 iPhone apps save the day? Probably not. But a few will be pretty helpful for the actual tasks-at-hand you've got coming up over the next few weeks (coupons, coupons, coupons) and the rest will be important additions to your holiday-homework procrastination plans: Mad Libs, check. Whack-a-turkey, check. Grinchmas tips, check.

Let us know which of these you've tried and any other discount-finders or long-car-ride-time-filler staples we should be adding to the list!