11/26/2011 12:37 pm ET | Updated Aug 30, 2013

Tailgate Party: Show Us Your Party Pictures (PHOTOS)

Winter may be setting in, but that won't stop loyal football fans from participating in an awesome pre-game tailgate. If you proudly set up camp outside your car to get ready for a big game, check out our tips to make your tailgate a success and share a photo of your party with us.

Arrive Early. Try to show up 3-4 hours before the game so you can park in a decent location, like the spacier spot at the end of a row or next a grassy spot.

Set Up Boundaries. Use decorative banners to designate what tailgating area is yours to prevent anyone from encroaching on your space.

Seating. Bring lots of folding chairs or cushions for friends to sit on. Even just having a picnic blanket will come in handy.

Power Source. Invest in a small generator to power an electric space heater when it's cool and a fan when it's hot. A generator will also be able to power lights for after the sun has set.

Time Dinner. Make sure your food is ready at least an hour before the game so you have time to eat, clean, and find your seat before the whistle.

Keep Food Warm. Bake potatoes, wrap them in foil and place them at the bottom of your cooler. Lay any food that should stay warm above the potatoes.

Use Disposable. Use paper plates, plastic utensils and plastic cups so clean-up before the game is easy. You may want to bring your own trash bag as well.

Prepare Dinner Early. Prepare most of your dinner the night before and heat it up before you leave or at the tailgate using your grill. Keep the number of people that will be attending your party in mind so you know how much food to prepare beforehand.

Secure Tablecloth. Make sure your tablecloth is secure. Even if food rests on top, the sides could be flapping in someone's face, so fold them under when it is windy or clip the sides with clothespins.

Pick A Theme. Choose a theme and run with it! A theme, like team colors, will not only make decorating more fun but everyone will get into the spirit faster.

For some more great tailgating inspiration, check out these photos and send us your tailgate pictures!