11/28/2011 10:01 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Bromance App Brings Straight Men Together For Activities, Competition, Making Money

From Grindr to Scruff, gay men have plenty of mobile apps they can use to meet each other while on the go. But how are straight guys supposed to find each other when they're looking for a buddy to share some beers or shoot some hoops with?

With the new app Bromance, of course.

The app was thought up by partners Jeffrey Canty, Jordan Perry, Brayden Wilmouth, and Nic Stauber, who, according to a press release, "created technology out of a need."

The four developers "found in moving around during and after college that it was hard to find the right people with similar interests and places to go in the new areas that they moved to. So they sat down and decided to create a location based application that would service the needs of meeting like-minded, fun, passionate-about getting-out and doing-things types of people. Not just adding to their Facebook friends, but meeting in person, too."

Says Canty:

"I moved to Chicago only three weeks ago from Atlanta, Georgia, and already see the potential that Bromance has even just for me. I am the perfect candidate for this application, as I get used to the area. I moved to Chicago because this is an up and coming tech mecca, not to mention the city is alive, people in the parks, riding bikes, running races, working out, sailing, and going out to the bars and night clubs."

Users create a Bromance profile and then, according to TechCocktail, they can use to the app to engage in competitions and even make money: "In the 'fist pump' section of the app, users check in to hangouts and earn 'swag' points -- and see who's topping the leader board... The app will allow users to charge money for hangouts to cover costs like supplies or beer, with Bromance taking a small cut."

The app is currently in the beta stage but should be headed to the Apple app store and the Android Market soon.

Women who are looking for straight men for... ahem... activities shouldn't feel left out. As Jordan Perry tells SocialTechPop in the video interview above, they're also welcome to be a "bro."

And we can only assume that if gay men can find the time to log off of their own meet-up apps, they're probably welcome on Bromance, too.

Check out 10 straight men we're currently having bromances with courtesy of HuffPost Gay Voices blogger Scott Wooledge:

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