11/28/2011 08:24 am ET

'Bully!: The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt' Coming To The Library Of Congress

WASHINGTON -- "Bully!: The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt" is a new book put out by D.C.-based Regnery Publishing.

It's a biography of the wildly interesting 26th president -- a soldier, writer, trustbuster, expander of federal power, conservationist, rancher, hunter, African safari-goer and Nobel laureate, just to start -- told through some 250 vintage political cartoons.

It's perhaps surprising that Regnery, which specializes in conservative, free-market and anti-communist books, would be interested in a flattering portrait of a president who sought to, and did, vastly increase the executive branch's power. Lamentably so, according to some conservatives and free-marketers.

But such are the vicissitudes of politics -- and, as can be seen from the (mostly) affectionate cartoons collected in "Bully!," such are the many draws of TR.

Author Rick Marschall, himself a political cartoonist, pop culture historian and the author and/or editor of more than 65 books, will be at the Library of Congress on Tuesday to talk about and sign copies of "Bully!"

Tuesday's event is at 11:30 a.m., at the Library of Congress' James Madison Building (101 Independence Ave. SE), on the 6th floor in Dining Room A.

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