11/29/2011 10:46 am ET | Updated Aug 12, 2013

Celebrities' Airport Style Is Just Like Us...And Not (PHOTOS)

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Travel used to be a glamorous experience--you packed up your hatbox and were on your way. Nowadays, travel is nothing less than a hassle, so the question is--do you make the effort to look nice, or throw in the towel and travel in your sweats? I used to go all out when travelling, but now that I have two kids and a 99% chance of being barfed on during the trip, all fashion goes out the window in favor of comfort and clean-up potential. So I was pleased to see that not all stars look fabulous when they travel. The celebrity airport uniform includes skinny jeans, boots, comfy sweaters, large scarves and oversized sunnies to shield from the paps. On the other end of the spectrum, Gaga looks major, but we wouldn't expect anything less, and hey, I'd put on a corset if you provided the private plane. Overall, Victoria Beckham takes the cake when it comes to travelling in style; girlfriend looks better strutting through the airport than most of us do on nights out on the town. While the thought of squeezing into a form-fitting look (and an economy seat, for that matter) for the duration of a cross-country flight is less than pleasant, a blazer and jeans is a comfy alternative that is easy to pull off. If nothing else, throw a trench coat on--no one will know that you have your pajamas on underneath.

Celebrity Travel Style


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