11/28/2011 08:29 am ET

King Juan Carlos Of Spain & Jack Nicholson: Separated At Birth? (PHOTOS)

We always imagined meeting a king would be quite intimidating. But taking a look at recent pics of King Juan Carlos of Spain, we are surprisingly put at ease. Look how friendly he looks, with his casual sunglasses! So smiley, so kind, so much like...

Jack Nicholson?

Sure, one's Hollywood royalty and one is real royalty. But you can't deny the similar style of these two men, just one year apart in age.

Even at 74, Jack rocks a suit with the best of them (when he's not wearing casual threads for the Laker game) just like the king does for his daily duties. But the striking resemblance comes from the indoor sunglasses, which are Nicholson's signature.

We're guessing King Juan Carlos is wearing the shades to cover up a bruise, as the Telegraph reports that the king has a black eye from accidentally slamming into a palace door last week.

So while the shades may be temporary, they do have the monarch looking quite Nicholson-like, non? Check out the two below to see the king channeling Jack's rakish indoor style.